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Prince Charles speaks on integrated reporting and sustainable finance. Nov., 2011.

SASB - Markets Make the World Go Round (by Free Range Studio). Nov., 2013.

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Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data: Can it enhance returns and reduce risks? June 2013.

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Breaking the tragedy of the horizon – climate change and financial stability - speech by Mark Carney - Governor of the Bank of England and former Goldman Sachs Investment Banking Director. Oct., 2015.

Three Steps Boards Should Take to Monitor Sustainability. Interview with Evan Harvey, Director of Corporate Responsibility at Nasdaq. Aug., 2016.

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Folklore of Finance: How Beliefs & Behaviors Sabotage Success in the Investment Management Industry. State Street - Center for Applied Research. April 2015

Bridging the Divide: How to Link Portfolio Decisions with Systemic Frameworks. SASB. Feb., 2016.

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