Materiality Consulting: Philosophy

M Consulting delivers powerful yet simple solutions to its clients. Simple in its three main service areas: Strategy, Implementation Support, and Reporting Guidance; yet powerful in its rigorous, data-driven process to put together the best solutions that accommodate to each client’s unique set of challenges and opportunities — from business, legal, regulatory, and geographical perspectives.

With experience servicing large and small, public and private organizations, M Consulting makes its clients’ ESG success a priority through a Materiality-guided approach to Sustainability. 



M Consulting was created by the conviction that Materiality, as part of a pragmatic ESG strategy, is essential in bringing about a prosperous economy and a thriving society, as outlined in the following framework:  

M Consulting also looks to promote active citizens who look for opportunities to educate and inspire colleagues and the next generation of leaders.


M Consulting is driven by its Mission, Vision, and Core Values:



To expand Sustainability and ESG adoption by creating measurable value with each and every project 


We see a future where those who meet the real needs of humanity will be rewarded the most

Core Values

· We value open-mindedness and a strategic, data-driven approach to solving complex problems

· We respect all professions and everyone’s contribution to an organization and society — from executives to cleaning crews

· We believe Sustainability is not only good for business but fundamental to a thriving future

I look forward to working with you and making your Sustainability & ESG journey a success!


Is your executive team considering Materiality?

Carlos can help you tie your ESG initiatives to material financial & operational results!

Looking for an Exciting Opportunity in this Growing Field?

M Consulting is looking for talented professionals to help meet clients’ needs. 


· SASB Level I

· At leas 5 years of experience in one or more of the following: Management Consulting, Accounting, Investment Banking, Corporate Law, Investment Analysis, and/or Sustainability Consulting 


Desired but not required:

· SASB Level II, GRI G4, CFA, CPA, Six Sigma, JD


Independent work is available on a per-project basis. Please send your resume and cover letter to:

FSA Credential from SASB
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