M Consulting helps organizations understand and report only on those sustainability factors that show evidence of financial Materiality

Materiality is at the core of advancing sustainability and ESG for: 

Investors: incorporate industry-specific ESG factors into analysis and valuation models; and, enhance board/executive engagements with portfolio companies

Companies: avoid reporting fatigue, manage ESG risks, and have more objective communication with investors and stakeholders

In assets under management from PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) signatories - representing over 1,750 organizations from over 50 countries
$ 0 Trillion USD


Sustainability metrics are becoming more industry-specific and standardized/comparable for investors. Technologies such as cloud services and analytics are also making them more cost-effective to collect and decision-useful for corporate executives.

ESG Investing

It is not about compromises - it is about reducing risks and enhancing returns. Sustainability is no longer a niche, and top investors are incorporating ESG considerations into their valuations and investment decisions.

M Consulting

Carlos Solano, as an Independent Consultant, is vendor-agnostic and has extensive experience drawing from multiple tools, frameworks, and other resources to incorporate industry-specific best practices and create tailored solutions.

Sustainability & ESG Strategy

Is your team new to Sustainability and ESG (or refocusing ESG efforts)? Don't be overwhelmed by the many standards and frameworks available. Carlos can help you find the ESG metrics that matter; understand how you compare against industry-peers; and, help you set your own path to Sustainability.

Vendor Due-Dilligence & Implementation Support

Don't let the absence of a full-time Sustainability team prevent or halt projects. Similarly, avoid spending valuable time and resources responding to, meeting with, and sharing files and documents with lots of vendors. Carlos can serve as your Sustainability POC (Point of Contact) to find and screen the best service providers for each ESG initiative.

ESG Reporting & Communication Guidance

Metrics and KPIs are great - but are you providing executives, investors, and other stakeholders, the right context to understand those metrics? Carlos can help you create KPIs and incorporate appropriate KPNs (Key Performance Narratives) to effectively communicate your ESG journey.

Ready for a more sustainable future?

Let us answer any questions and help create, implement, and communicate your ESG goals!

FSA Credential from SASB
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