Sustainability & ESG Strategy

Overview of the Metrics-Identification Process


For asset owners & asset managers: Although investment teams may already be assessing companies in these terms and even creating their own ESG programs for specific companies – it is a prudent initial approach to let management teams know what may be on the horizon in terms of ESG policies. Certainly, it is a more tactful and pragmatic approach to driving change before filing resolutions or proxy votes. M Consulting can serve as a bridge between your ESG-related investment portfolio and its implementation at specific companies. 

Initiating or Enhancing Your ESG Journey

For companies: If ESG is a new (or underappreciated) concept for your executive team, M Consulting can provide a “quick reference” map of ESG initiatives across the company’s industry peers – highlighting leaders as well as the most relevant initiatives specific to their business environment, region, and opportunities. After this external reference point, an internal study, across departments, can help identify strengths and opportunities to incorporate ESG. Through a Materiality-guided approach, M Consulting can help avoid going after a myriad of projects and find the few initiatives with the greatest risk/cost-reduction or revenue-generating potential.

Carlos Solano, alongside regulators, academics, and executives from different industries, participating in the Newtonian Shift - a simulation of our energy future. Facilitated by the Energy Futures Lab and the Rocky Mountain Institute at the VERGE conference.

Strategy & Metrics-Identification Process

M Consulting integrates only the most relevant resources, tools and frameworks to each client’s unique set of circumstances

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